Raging Swan is now officially released!
Stream the songs or download it here at Bandcamp (put 0 to get it for free)!

Thanks so much for your feedback and support along the way, guys — I feel like I’ve learned a ton doing this album, and it’s a pretty far stretch from the first one I released a little over a year ago. :D

I’m going to get back to focusing on one-offs and composing new songs for Valenth now that this is done and out— and as always, I’ll be sharing those here when I can!

For now, enjoy the album! No miraplasm was used in the creation of the music crystals, we swear!

Edit: If you’ve gotten the album already, you’ll want to grab this mp3 of Reflection in Chains (the first of the two bonus tracks) — I accidentally uploaded a version without the lead guitar in! :O It’s fixed in the Bandcamp download now, too. :)

(added the ad banner running on Subeta too, since that’s up :D)

So I went to go work on the logo/font stuff for Raging Swan (YES IT’S ALMOST TIME) and realized I still had my font set on comic sans.

This happened. I regret nothing.

Also, I was totally holding out on you guys! This is Gilded Eagle (gasp!), Kelan’s cover of Windsong/Green and Gold for Raging Swan. It is LONG but totally worth it okay

And I finished composing one of the two bonus songs for the album a few minutes ago. C: Expect this thing to go live before the week is out!