The unreleased original version of the Absolute Silence that I used to make For Science, That’s Why; this is Everdream, which was composed for a scene of Valenth’s Alpha timeline that we didn’t get around to.
(It may make an appearance later, depending on how masochistic I’m feeling…)

If you really listen to the instruments and you pay way too much attention to my music, you might be able to infer something of what’s going on out of them. Maybe. There are several different characters “going on” here.


I’ve never posted this version of Absolute Silence before; I made it about four or five months after Raging Swan with bits of FISSURE, but had planned to save it for a *certain point* in the Valenth storyline.
I’m changing the way I’m looking at writing for the site now, though, so I don’t think throwing this out there will serve as any sort of story spoiler anymore.

TL;DR: Just imagine Nef doing something badass. Hopefully that won’t be too difficult. ;)

Download here. <3


I wanted to do this song so badly for Raging Swan — but I knew I wasn’t ready yet, so I left it alone (which is why there was no Glass Marionette cover)!

I’m still a little flustered on trying to figure out how to make realistic guitar sounds/effects in FL, but if I keep messing around, eventually I’ll get it— in the meantime, I’m happy enough to push notes around for the fun of it. Man, I missed fun.

Long story short, this is Black Diamond, a little rock duet by the two most vain Dreamscars (minus the one on piano, of course).