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Anonymous asked:

I'm definitely not saying all characters should be portrayed as white men for eternity. In fact, "white men" characters are often equally as misrepresented, with a toned physique, deeper voice, and athletic ability. I agree that taking risks is important. I just feel that players should be more lenient with representations (ie. ignore small flaws in how a non-white male character acts), because some developers do actually try to give players a diversified gaming experience.

fini-mun answered:

I think people are more lenient than realized, though. I mean, I may of missed it since I’ve never gone out actively looking for it, but I’ve never seen anyone angry over, say, the characters of colour/race/sexuality/etc in the Fallout series. This is a series where there is quite a bit of gender equality (with the exception of Caeser’s Legion, but they’re not painted in the most positive light with that as part of it) and characters of colour hold high posistions. The character of Ulysses, for instance, is a black man.

I think it’s because the diversity is simply accepted as “that’s the way it is”. And that’s part of why I love the series.

I think if you don’t make a big deal out of it and just do it, it wouldn’t be as big an issue as people seem to think it would be. Just offer choices to people and make some of the people in the game a different gender, or race, or what have you.

Actually, I think that helps with Fallout too. They’re not just token minorities- the more there are, the less ‘out of place’ it looks.

I’m kind of rambling but I guess what I’m trying to say is that the benefit would outweigh the risks imho, and that more representation would be helpful.

And that includes white guys that aren’t necessarily muscle factories, too. I realize why it’s done, it’s because it’s fantasy escapism, but hey, we can have some skinny white nerd dudes too, right? I wouldn’t say no to that. It makes characters less forgetable and interchangable.